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Q. Hail damage, what does it do and how can I detect it?

A. Hail damage in general depletes the water shedding capabilities of a roof system. It reduces the life expectancy of the roof system. On asphalt roofs it bruises or indents the shingles primary portion, which is the mat. That area is softened and loss of it's mineral surface. This should not be confused with blistering of a shingle which looks like small pimple like pocking. Blistering is either manufacturer defect or poor ventilation of the roof. Hail damage of a roof should be looked at from a licensed roofing contractor. As a homeowner look for dented car, gutters, window screens or wooden fences.

Q. If I file a insurance claim will my premiums increase?

A. As a normality it should not affect your premium. This claim is not from maintenance or homeowner fault. Contact your insurance agent and have a local licensed roofing contractor inspect the roof and other damage.

Q. After a hail storm I have many salesman coming to my house for a free inspection. Do I trust these people and should I sign anything with them?

A. Usually after a ' NATURAL DISASTER ' there are many companies sending out numerous salesman. This is not abnormal. Signing anything as for a free roof inspection or a open contract with no dollar value is abnormal. 'NEVER DO THAT'. That leaves the homeowner left with many questions as far as what will the cost be and what work will be done.

Q. How many estimates should I get before I decide on a contractor?

A. 3 estimates are always a good idea but let your instincts tell you which is the best for you. Find a local roofing contractor in your area that has a license for many years and with the BBB. Then you should be confident of a good installation.

Q. If my insurance adjuster gives me a certain dollar value for his quote and other companies give me another,what should I do? Should the contractor be there with the adjuster?

A. It is best that all of the items that are on the quote from the adjuster are in the quote from the contractor and that the adjuster has all the requirements of that municipality. Some adjusters see a mailing address and do not recognize it to be in a different municipality. Check your local requirements. The contractor does not need to be present at the time of the adjustment but if there are conflicts then there should be a time for the adjuster and the contractor to meet or discuss the differences.

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